Announcing our $5.6m seed round and Quadratic Teams

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David Kircos, CEO


Today, I am excited to make two major announcements! First, we have raised a $5.6m seed round led by GV (Google Ventures) to build the spreadsheet for modern teams. Second, we are launching Quadratic Teams, a shared workspace for real-time collaboration.

Why build a new spreadsheet?

Quadratic is a brand new type of spreadsheet, not an Excel clone. We believe in the power of the spreadsheet as the primary interface for working with data, but traditional spreadsheets no longer cut it. We built Quadratic for technical users / developers and kept it simple enough that the whole team can use it.

In Quadratic, you can bring in hundreds of thousands of rows of data instantly, pinch and zoom to work with large datasets, and seamlessly incorporate Python and SQL analysis into your workflow.

Python support enables technical team members to write analyses in their preferred language and instantly share the results with the rest of their team. This enables data scientists, analysts, engineers, marketers, finance, operations, etc. to work together on data in one place.

From a technical standpoint, Quadratic is the first spreadsheet built on Rust, WASM, and WebGL. For the first time, this enables a high-performance, low-latency, real-time spreadsheet in the browser. Quadratic has both the performance of a native application and the distribution of a website that enables mass adoption and effortless team collaboration.

Quadratic launches Teams

Quadratic Teams are shared spaces to work together on data analysis. You can add as many members as you want to a Team, and all files within the Team will be shared with other members by default.

Multiplayer in Quadratic.

All files within Quadratic support real-time multiplayer, which extends to files within your Team.

Multiplayer in Quadratic.

Quadratic raises seed round led by Google Ventures

I am also excited to announce GV (Google Ventures) has led a $5.6m seed round investment in Quadratic, led by Erik Nordlander, with participation from Catapult Ventures (who lead our pre-seed round), Betaworks, and The Fund Rockies.

Multiplayer in Quadratic.

In addition to GV, we are thankful for support from a great group of angel investors, including Wes McKinney (Creator of Pandas), Amjad Masad (CEO & Founder Replit), Spencer Kimball (CEO & Founder Cockroach Labs), Swyx (previous: Developer Experience at AWS & Airbyte), and Nick Sullivan (Head of Research at Cloudflare).

We believe in the power of the spreadsheet as the primary interface for working with data. We’re just getting started in our mission to reinvent how teams work together on data. From the most technical engineers to spreadsheet beginners, the whole team can collaborate on analysis in Quadratic in a way that is easy and fun!

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